1. tmnt2003:

    "You, sir, will hear from my neurologist!”

    I headcanon that Dark Mikey is a gentleman’s gentleman and a fan of Victorian smut lit so he interposes “sirs” and “dollymops” into daily speech.

    I think I like dark Mikey better than any other character

  2. sammybitchfacewinchester:



    The title made me angry but now I read it, I’m laughing

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  3. itswalky:

    Stumbled across this 2010 Shortpacked! strip and felt compelled to Tumblr it.

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    the last one really makes me squeal 

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  4. Princess Jellyfish/Hetalia cross over rp?

    "M-my heart! Hello... I have to say hello to him!"

    one of the best ships in my armada 

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  5. Why I love Princess Jellyfish

    I relate to Tsukimi so well…

    1. My mom is and always will be the one I care for most, even when she is gone
    2. I am socially awkward
    3. I am an otaku
    4. I am a dork with glasses and matted hair
    5. Guys don’t notice me unless I layer on the makeup

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